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First Jet Royal

First Jet Royal

First Jet Royal

First Jet Royal prioritizes responding perfectly and quickly to our customers' needs. We ensure smooth progress from consideration, purchase, to operation.

Based in the heart of the world, Dubai, we operate offices to swiftly
deliver private operations wherever you are in the world.

First Jet Royal offers safe and reliable consulting services for the consideration, purchase, and sale of complex private jets. Our team of aviation professionals responds promptly to your needs.

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Private jet

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Participating Events

Pursuing the Next Horizon 2023
Dubai Airshow Participation.

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first point

Jet operation

We perform operations such as operation support, work process management, and load control.

second point

Air craft handling

We can operate your JET as a
charter according to your wishes.

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third point

Vip travel management

A travel agency that specializes in
business travel behalf of the
relevant company selects, reserves,
and arranges the airlines and
hotels necessary for business travel.

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fourth point

Air craft leasing

There are two main types of leasing
short-term wet leasing and temporary dry leasing.

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fifth point

Air craft sales and acquisition

We use our worldwide network to
find the equipment you need.

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sixth point

System development

We are developing a new app specifically for private jets to deliver the best and smoothest travel experience.


Please feel free to contact us even for inquiries that do not lead to a purchase.

Thank you

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